WARNING: Muscle Core X is a revolutionary product meant for those looking to gain extreme amounts of muscle mass and lose body fat. This is not intended for casual dieting. Use only as directed.

Transform your body for a new refined and cut look with Muscle Core X, a unique dietary supplement that will help you achieve the gains you always wanted and burn away the fat you never wanted.

Muscle Core X contains a premium L-Arginine blend of amino acids and herbal ingredients that increase the nitric oxide (NO2) levels in your blood stream. As a result, more oxygen is getting to your muscles to increase the overall effectiveness of your pumps and maximize muscle growth.

Gain Lean Muscle Naturally
> Enhance muscle growth and strength
> Intensify both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers
> Increase muscle recovery and enhance stamina

Unleash The Inner Monster
> Amplify natural growth hormone levels
> Grow insane muscles due to vasodilatation

Abolish Stubborn Fat Cells
> Control metabolism of glucose fatty acids and ammino acids
> Amplify fat burning due to the increase of lipolysis
> Flaunt and be proud of your new cut stomach

Arginine is a foregoer to nitric oxide, also known as no2, which is accountable for vasodilatation and is used in supporting healthy sexual function.

Studies show arginine is essential for the performance of many physiological processes such as hormone secretion, amplifying growth hormone output, and removing toxic waste from the body.

Arginine is one of the more vital supplements out for muscle growth due to the vasodilating abilities and increase of protein synthesis.
Muscle Core X is known for its continuous release formula which ensure the body absorbs the maximum nutrients

Arginine Alpha-ketogulutrate is released into the blood stream aiding in nitric oxide production. Enhancing nitric oxide gives you an extended and intensified "PUMP" before and after your workout.

You can actually feel Muscle Core X working during every training session!